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Magic Mushroom Ceremony Guide | 5 Crucial Steps To Hold Your Own Ceremony

When used within a sacred and ceremonial setting, magic mushrooms can initiate a profound shift in consciousness and assist us with enormous personal and spiritual growth. In this article, we’ll share 5 crucial preparatory steps you need to implement to hold your own magic mushroom ceremony. Make sure to follow and implement all 5 steps and read this article to the very end, to avoid possible harm and to ensure you have the safest, most profound and most beautiful experience possible.

We truly live in extraordinary times.

As a collective human species, we stand at a confronting yet liberating crossroad with only two options before us.

We can commit to doing the internal work to spiritually awaken, evolve and completely transcend the destructive systems that have kept us enslaved…

Or perish.

Many indigenous peoples and visionary mystical teachers have prophesied this Great Time of Transition that we’re currently living in. They’ve emphasized the necessity for us to undertake a radical shift in consciousness, in order to birth a completely new paradigm of unity, peace and prosperity for all.

We can no longer rely on authority figures to solve the urging problems that are threatening our very existence as a human race.

The grave challenges and crises that we face externally are nothing but a reflection of our own collective internal crises, destructive conditioning and unresolved emotional wounds that we carry.

Only by healing and transforming ourselves, can we truly heal and transform the world.

This article has been consciously and thoroughly written with a lot of love, teaching you everything you need to know on how to use mushrooms for healing as well as personal and spiritual transformation.

Step 1: Setting Meaningful Intentions

The Foundation for a Sacred Mushroom Ceremony

Plant medicines such as magic mushrooms can be extraordinarily profound teachers and initiate a deep transformation within on all levels.

However, they must be approached with absolute reverence, humility, gratitude and respect. The spirits within these plants and mushrooms are in fact very wise, conscious and intelligent – far higher evolved than human beings.

The crucial difference between holding a sacred magic mushroom ceremony for spiritual transformation as opposed to a ‘mushroom trip’ for recreational purposes, completely lies in the intentions you set beforehand.

The recreational use of magic mushrooms can be incredibly beautiful as well and has completely changed many people’s lives. Often quite unexpectedly.

However, the blessings and transformation that we can receive when they’re used in a sacred and ceremonial setting, far outweigh what can be experienced in a recreational ‘mushroom trip’.

This is the only way we endorse their use.

Before moving forward, please make sure you have nothing but the highest intentions of wanting to expand your consciousness, to learn, grow, heal or transform something within yourself.

Everything is completely interconnected in this world and reality. Everything we heal or positively shift internally, will have a profound impact on our family, loved ones, community and the world at large.

How to Clarify and Set Meaningful Intentions

It’s never guaranteed that you’ll receive exactly what you intend to experience, of course.

However, it’ll help enormously to be very clear. To consciously reflect upon your desires of that which you’re hoping to experience, heal, learn or shift within yourself.

Consider it as a pillar and foundation not just for ceremonial healing work, but also for your intended focus of growth and transformation within your current life’s process.

A valuable thing to contemplate is whether there might be an important question you have which you’d love to receive an answer to.

This question could be related to your life purposes or the right next step for your continued personal and spiritual growth, for example.

It could also be related to some type of dilemma you’re facing – perhaps regarding your career or relationship.

One of the most profound blessings of plant medicines is that they can serve as a sacred portal to our ‘Higher Self’ or Soul, so to speak, which always knows what’s best.

You can also ask the mushrooms for direct support in breaking through a particular blockage or problem that has been holding you back..

This could be on the mental, emotional, creative, spiritual or even financial level if that’s disrupting the expression of your fullest potential and gifts in life.

What’s incredibly important to understand is that any continuously reoccurring obstacle or problem that we’re experiencing externally, often reflects some type of emotional or energetic blockage that we carry internally.

Whichever intentions you’re taking with you into your ceremony, just ensure that they’re coming from a place of sincerely wanting to learn, grow, heal or transform something within.

The blessings and gifts that they can bestow upon us are truly enormous!

We therefore must emphasize once again that you always have to approach these sacred medicines and teachers with nothing but reverence, humility, gratitude and respect.

If this resonates so far and you feel ready to respectfully and consciously use mushrooms for healing and/or a beautiful inner transformation, you can click here to learn more about our Ceremonial Blend “The Journey”, a powerful combination of Mazapetec Psilocybin Mushrooms (known for a more spiritual experience) and Wild Crafted Organic Syrian Rue (to potentiate the effects of the Psilocybin), in a unique ratio that creates a deeply spiritual and consciousness-expanding experience.

However, make sure to continue reading this guide because there’s a lot of important and valuable information yet to be shared.

Make Sure to Release all Attachments and Expectations

If coming up with clear intentions feels difficult, you can consider journaling and reflecting upon your thoughts, feelings, ideas and daily experiences. This is such a beautiful and meditative practice which can provide us with profound insights into our subconscious mind.

You could begin by reflecting upon various important aspects of your life: the relationship with your family and loved ones, your health, your career, your dreams, visions or ideas, and so forth.

Perhaps you feel somewhat stuck, blocked or unfulfilled in one of these areas.

Great! It’s actually an incredibly valuable and positive thing to have such clarity. So many people are completely unaware of the blockages holding them back and never truly strive towards more potential and deeper fulfillment in life.

Make sure your intentions revolve around making a positive shift in one or more aspects of your life and hold them very close to you – especially while you’re in the process of actually consuming the medicines and making a prayer.

And then….

Let your intentions go and surrender completely!

This might seem paradoxical yet it’s crucial to have positive and clear intentions while simultaneously letting go of all attachments to how the ceremony unfolds.

This can only lead to unnecessary disappointment and frustration. The mushrooms know what’s best!

It’s often said that plant medicines will give you exactly what you need and not necessarily what you ‘think’ you want.

There can be a crucial difference.

If you remain fully open, trusting, receptive and unattached, this will open the door for the most impactful experience to unfold in the most beautiful ways.

Here’s an example of a prayer which you could offer to the mushrooms, coming from a place of trust, humility and gratitude:

“I completely surrender to your guidance, your knowledge, your power and wisdom. Please show or teach me exactly what I need in this moment for my highest good. May I remain humble and completely receptive to the fullest extent of my abilities.”

Remember once again that plant medicines are in fact highly conscious, intelligent and far higher evolved than human beings. If this sounds a bit strange, just contemplate upon the following truth:

Mushrooms and plants have existed far before human beings ever began walking the Earth – for millions if not billions of years.

Everything that has ever occurred on the planet, is stored within the Earth. Every single creature and every single human being that has ever lived and died, has always returned to the Earth.

Many indigenous peoples from all over the world including the Native Americans of the North, consider the planet and all things to be alive and conscious. This is what’s commonly known as ‘Animism’.

Approaching plant medicines in a sacred manner and considering all life as sacred, is an incredibly beautiful way of living and connecting to Nature.

After you’ve gained clarity on your intentions, the next step would be to cultivate a beautiful and sacred space for your ceremony!

This is a very important and special part of the process which we’ll be diving into now.

Step 2: Preparing Your Mushroom Ceremony Space
with Love and Awareness

Mushroom Ceremony: Preparing a Sacred Space with Love and Awareness

Preparing a Sacred Space with Love and Awareness

Keep in mind once again that you’ll be entering a sacred ceremony – not a ‘mushroom trip’ you’re entering for recreational fun.

The space should reflect and nurture the sacredness of a ceremony.

If you’re having your mushroom ceremony inside, perhaps in your bedroom or living room, then make sure the room feels as clean, clear, sacred and ceremonial as possible.

Would you enjoy engaging in a spiritual practice or a sacred ritual in a space that is messy and disorganized? For example, would you enjoy attending a yoga class in a room that is dirty and full of clutter?

Most likely not!

It’s crucial to understand that how the energy flows within your ceremony space, will have a profound impact on your sacred journey with the mushrooms.

When the space is messy and chaotic, it’s much more likely your process will be messy and chaotic as well.

Consider this as a beautiful opportunity to really honor the mushrooms and the transformative inner journey you’ll be embarking on.

Strive to cultivate energetic cleanliness on all levels. Doing so externally will have a profound impact on your state of inner peace – inside or outside a ceremony!

The truth is that our outer and inner spaces are very closely interconnected. You’ll be amazed at how much internal peace and spaciousness opens up internally, as you cultivate cleanliness, beauty and harmony externally.

This will truly open a gate for so much creativity, inspiration, abundance and fulfillment on all levels of life to flow through. To uplift and inspire you in the most beautiful ways.

Especially when it relates to entering a plant medicine ceremony, this is crucial.

When your external space feels clean, clear, sacred and ceremonial, this will set the tone for a beautiful, sacred and ceremonial inner journey. We highly encourage you to thoroughly clean the room in which you’ll have your magic mushroom ceremony.

Remove all items which don’t really serve a purpose for being there, especially in a ceremony. Try to be deliberate and conscious about every single item.

Consider consciously adding items which actually lift the frequencies and which bring you more harmony, joy and peace. Some examples would be flowers, plants, crystals, sacred objects, instruments or photos of people you love, who inspire and uplift you.

Energetically smudging and cleaning the space by burning sage or palo santo for example, is a wonderful preparatory practice. During the ceremony, you might consider burning some lovely incense or essential oils if you have an essential oil diffuser.

Lighting candles with a sacred prayer can easily yet powerfully uplift the frequency and sacredness of the space – even in daylight. Give it a try!

Make a List and Prepare Everything: Avoid Unnecessary Hassle

Ideally while you’re in ceremony, you shouldn’t have to worry about anything whatsoever. The more you can surrender and flow with the medicines, the smoother your process will be.

We highly encourage you to make a list of everything you might need or enjoy during your ceremony, and to make sure it’s prepared beforehand.

The most important thing would be… Beautiful music!

Make sure you’ve prepared a playlist with music which feels positive, sacred and uplifting.

Some examples could be sacred spiritual mantras, relaxing nature sounds or other relaxing music with beautiful instruments.

** To make things easier, we’ve created a really beautiful and sacred playlist on Spotify, especially for our SoulCybin customers. We highly recommend playing this during your ceremony! Click here to open it in Spotify:

And we’re hereby pointing out the obvious but… please make sure your playlist doesn’t contain any music with lower frequencies containing aggressive, dark or violent energy! This could ruin your process entirely.

It’s highly recommended to enter your ceremony while fasting, meaning you purposely don’t eat breakfast in the morning. If you’re holding your ceremony later in the afternoon or evening, try to leave six hours of space between your last meal and the start of your ceremony.

Also make sure you don’t eat anything heavy or greasy!

Fruit, a salad or vegetarian soup would be ideal.

You’ll probably start to feel hungry some time during the ceremony but won’t feel like cooking or preparing something. It’s highly recommended to prepare a fruit salad in advance, for example.

In the evening after the ceremony has ended, you’ll most likely crave warm food which feels more grounding and nourishing.

Ideally you’ll have dinner prepared as well, perhaps the night before. Something healthy and nourishing yet not too heavy would be perfect.

We highly recommend once again really taking the time to consciously think through everything you could possible need or want during your ceremony, and to prepare it beforehand.

Make sure you have as little distractions as possible so you can fully surrender and embrace the ride without having to worry about anything.

When it comes to preparation, what’s equally important is to prepare your internal space for the smoothest and most beautiful experience possible.

Step 3: Preparing Your Inner Space
Using Mushrooms for Healing and Transformation

Mushrooms for Healing and Transformation: Cultivating Internal Peace

Mushrooms for Healing and Transformation: Cultivating Internal Peace

The more connected you’ll be to your heart and body rather than the neurotic thinking mind; the more spaciousness opens up for the mushrooms to work their magic and bestow you with their blessings.

The way that plant medicines can initiate healing if necessary, is by bringing up certain unprocessed emotions or experiences that we’ve forgotten about or have suppressed.

Only by allowing ourselves to fully feel and experience them without attachment, judgment or shame, can they be released and thereby healed. There’s simply no way around this and especially if you feel you’re storing some unprocessed emotions, it’s important to be conscious of this.

Keep in mind that if you start to experience any “bad” feelings, there’s no need to panic whatsoever! Although it can be difficult at times, there are actually more reasons to rejoice because you’re going through a beautiful healing process and will reap enormous benefits.

You are safe. You are holy. You are cherished. You are loved.

Just relax, breathe and feel. Connect to your heart, the music and your breath.

This is the only steering wheel we have during a plant medicine ceremony: the breath. When we remain focused on the breath, the process unfolds smoothly and gracefully, despite some possible difficult bumps here and there.

What’s crucial to keep in mind is that there’s an enormous difference between experiencing and healing unprocessed emotions from a centered and peaceful inner state, in comparison to a stressful inner state due to important lingering responsibilities.

Regardless of what your intention is… please avoid all unnecessary stress and worries!

Make sure that every single thing that could possibly bother or interrupt you during the ceremony, is taken care of the day before. Make sure you don’t have any important responsibilities which you still need to take care of, before starting the ceremony.

Truly honor this special time and space to yourself.

You deserve it!

How to Cultivate More Inner Peace and Heart-Centered Presence

Before you begin your mushroom ceremony, it would be incredibly beneficial to spend some time on any activity which brings you more joy and peace. This could be some time in nature, listening to uplifting music, or engaging in a meditative practice such as meditation or yoga.

Any of these would be immensely valuable.

Really make a commitment to honor your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being as much as possible before the ceremony.

Ideally this should be a way of life, of course.

If that isn’t the case yet then then try to commit to this at least a week before and after the ceremony. This will assist you enormously in having the smoothest and most beautiful experience.

The benefits of nourishing your mind, body and spirit as the sacred temples they are, of course ripple out in every aspect of your life.


It’s also very important not to abuse alcohol or other drugs at least a week before and after, and to avoid negative energy as much as possible. Examples would be negative people or friends who don’t truly value or uplift you, or consuming fear-based media.

Cutting out fast food and unhealthy processed foods is incredibly beneficial.

Make sure your phone is turned off and that no one can bother or interrupt you. You can have it on you use it for music, of course.

Now.. some of you might be wondering: “What if I’m a 100% committed to preparing to the best of my abilities but it’s very difficult to cultivate mental and emotional peace… precisely due to trauma and unprocessed emotions which I’m hoping to heal?”

That is a very legitimate question and concern, of course! Plus, an incredibly beautiful and valid intention to seek out healing with the help of mushrooms.

Scientific research has shown incredibly promising results when it comes to healing depression with mushrooms, for example.

Entering a magic mushroom ceremony with such an intention will simply require a safer and more cautious approach, as well as the support from someone you dearly love and trust as a ‘sitter’.

It’s crucial to learn more about safety protocols and correct dosing, which we’ll address next. This will contain very important and valuable information for everyone but especially for those who are experiencing depression or anxiety, seeking healing.

Step 4: Following The Mushroom Ceremony Safety Protocols
+ Guidelines for Dosing

There are several important things to keep in mind when deciding on the right dose. It’s always better to start slowly to avoid overwhelming yourself by taking too much – especially if you’re fairly new and inexperienced with psychedelics.

More isn’t always better and there’s no rush when it comes to healing and transformation. We’re on a soul’s journey through infinity!

Each individual has different levels of sensitivity to plant medicines. Generally speaking, women are often slightly more sensitive than men. Body weight can play a role as well.

The following dosage guidelines are for dried mushrooms:

Common Ceremonial Dose: 1.5 – 2.5 grams. 1/28oz – 1/10oz.

Strong Ceremonial Dose: 2.5 – 5 grams. 1/10 – 1/6oz.

‘Heroic’ / Extremely Strong Ceremonial Dose: 5+ grams. 1/6oz+

The effects usually start between 10 – 40 minutes if the mushrooms are slowly chewed and then swallowed. If they’re swallowed on an empty stomach, the effects should usually start between 20 and 60 minutes.

The duration of the effects and journey usually lasts anywhere from 4 to 6 hours.

After effects might last up to 8 hours.

We highly recommend taking no more than 1.5 grams of mushrooms during your first ceremony. This is especially important if you’ll be completely alone and aren’t very experienced.

This comes down to 3 capsules of our Ceremonial Blend “The Journey”.

If the effects feel very mild after 1.5 hours, you could decide to take another capsule.

Just be aware that even if the effects aren’t strong, the mushrooms are always working on subtle levels. Regardless of your perception in regard to the how important or profound your process is, every ceremony is always beneficial and perfect in its own way.

Embrace the journey of learning, growing and exploring and once again try to completely let go of attachments and expectations!

Safety Precautions and Advice for Sitters

If you’re feeling very nervous about experiencing a mushroom ceremony completely by yourself, it’s recommended to have a ‘sitter’ with you.

A sitter is someone who joins you for the ceremony but remains sober. Someone who can comfort you if you’re going through a difficult experience or when you could use some support.

If you decide to invite a sitter, make sure to only ask someone to hold space for you who you deeply love and trust. Make sure this is someone you would feel completely comfortable with going through an emotional process, if that arises.

Ideally this should be someone who is conscious and mature. Someone who also recognizes and honors the sacredness of plant medicine ceremonies.

When you’re taking mushrooms specifically for healing and/or a positive inner transformation, it’s important for the sitter to give you all the necessary space for your own internal process without interrupting.

The mushrooms know what’s best and it’s not ideal for the sitter to randomly start interrupting your process and steering it into a particular direction, while you’re not consciously asking for this.

If you’re really craving company or a conversation and you’d like to have a conversation with the sitter, of course that’s perfectly fine. Just make sure the both of you set clear agreements beforehand.

** Important Warning in Regard to Medications **

Psilocybin mushrooms are not safe to combine with anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medications. Especially when it comes to anti-depressant medications, please do not consume mushrooms within 28 days of taking any anti-depressant medication. This is especially so for ceremonial doses, larger than micro doses. If you’re having doubts about whether consuming magic mushrooms is safe in combination with a particular health issue or medication, always consult a doctor or licensed medical professional. If you’re considering discontinuing or weening off a medication, always consult a licensed medical professional first.

We are not medical professionals and do not give out medical advice.

If your doctor has deemed it safe for you to embark on a sacred mushroom ceremony and you feel called and ready, please continue reading to learn more about calling in higher Divine forces which can assist, guide and protect you during the ceremony.

Step 5: Praying for Divine Guidance and Protection
Before Your Mushroom Ceremony

Prayer for Divine Guidance and Protection

Prayer for Divine Guidance and Protection

Traditionally in indigenous plant medicine ceremonies, there’s always a shaman present whose role is to keep us safe and to guide and support us while we’re embarking on a profound inner journey.

This guide is specifically written to teach you how to hold your own ceremony without a shaman present. This is why it’s important to invoke the love, guidance, support and protection from higher Divine forces which you resonate with.

All are perfectly fine, depending on your personal religious or spiritual beliefs!

If you hold no religious or spiritual beliefs whatsoever, of course that’s completely fine and perfect as well. In that case we hope you don’t feel discouraged or put off by what we’ll be recommending in this section. We’d never try to enforce any dogmatic beliefs or practices onto anyone.

Listen to your heart and intuition to see whether the following resonates, and whether you feel called to implement it for your sacred journey.

Here are some examples of higher forces to call upon for guidance and protection which might resonate with your particular beliefs:

– God/Source/Spirit/the Divine/the Universe
– Angels and other higher-dimensional Divine beings
– Spirit Guides, Guardians, Protectors
– Ascended Masters such as Christ or the Buddha
– The Earth and Elements (Wind, Fire, Water, Earth)
– The Four Directions
– Your Higher Self or Soul

Here’s an example of a broad prayer which you could adjust accordingly to your religious or spiritual beliefs. You can choose to say your prayer out loud or to keep it inside, depending on your preference.

We recommend doing this before starting your ceremony and consuming the medicines, while in a calm and meditative state, connected to your heart:

“To the Divine Source of all Creation,

to the Divine Mother and Divine Father,

to the Angels and higher-dimensional Divine Forces
that serve the Divine Will and Divine Truth.

To my Spirit Guides, my Guardians, my Protectors,

to my Soul and Higher Self,

to the eternally wise and loving spirits of the Mushrooms.

I am opening a sacred, ceremonial space for healing and transformation.

I pray for your Divine protection, your love, wisdom and guidance.

I pray for you to support me for the smoothest, most beautiful
and most transformative inner journey possible.

May you guide me, protect me and strengthen me.

For the healing and awakening of all sentient beings.

In the name of the Divine Light, the Divine Truth and Divine Will.


This is a beautiful way to open and protect your sacred ceremonial space, if you resonate with the practice of prayer.

We’d also recommend closing your ceremony in a similar way by expressing gratitude to the spirits of the mushrooms, for everything you’ve experienced and received, as well the Divine forces whose protection and guidance you prayed for.

We hope you gained a lot from all of the information we’ve shared!

We’ll hereby share a conclusion with the most important points summarized.

Conclusion and Summary

1. Setting Your Intentions and Surrendering to the Process

Magic mushrooms and plant medicines are highly intelligent, conscious and wise spirits who carry enormous blessings, teachings, guidance and healing potential for human beings.

They must be approached with respect, reverence, humility and gratitude.

Gain as much clarity as possible about your intentions, of why you’re choosing to embark on such a sacred journey in ceremonial context. Make sure your intentions revolve around experiencing a positive inner transformation by learning, healing or growing with the assistance of the mushrooms.

When you’ve gained clarity on your intentions, make sure to hold these in your heart and prayers at the beginning of your magic mushroom ceremony.

Once you’ve consumed the medicines, trust, let go and surrender completely to the experience without attaching yourself to how it should unfold or what you should receive.

Attachments can only lead to unnecessary frustration and disappointment.

Remember – plant medicines will always give us what we need and not necessarily what we think we want.

Whatever we’re meant to receive and experience after the correct preparation, is truly what was meant to be.

2. Preparing Your Ceremony Space with Love and Awareness

Thoroughly clean the room in which you’ll be holding your ceremony. Remove any clutter and unnecessary items which don’t serve a purpose for being there.

Add items to the room which uplift the frequency such as flowers, plants, crystals, sacred objects or pictures of people you love –  people who inspire or uplift you.

Consider energetically cleaning the space by burning sage or palo santo beforehand. During the ceremony, consider using an essential oil diffuser or burning incense with an uplifting smell or frequency, if you so desire.

Consciously prepare a playlist beforehand with beautiful, sacred and uplifting music. Avoid music which contain low frequencies completely. We highly recommend listening to this beautiful playlist, which we’ve prepared especially for you!

Consider burning candles even during daytime. They can easily yet powerfully and beautifully uplift the frequency of the space.

Make a list of everything you could possibly want or need during the ceremony and make sure you’ve prepared it beforehand. Consider preparing a lovely fruit salad and perhaps a grounding, nourishing and healthy dinner such as a vegetarian soup beforehand as well.

Make sure no one can unnecessarily bother or interrupt you. We recommend turning your phone off or having it on airplane mode if you use it for music.

We recommend not eating before your ceremony if you begin in the morning. Wait at least 6 hours after eating your last meal before consuming the medicines, if your ceremony starts in the afternoon or evening.

3. Prepare Your Inner Space: Cultivate Peace and Presence

Commit to your highest state of health and well-being on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – ideally at least one week before and one week after your ceremony.

Honor and nourish your mind, body and spirit for the Divine temples they are.

Avoid negative energy as much and as long as possible before the ceremony.

Avoid the abuse of alcohol and drugs, as well as eating fast food and processed foods, as long as possible before the ceremony. At least one week is highly recommended.

Enter your sacred ceremony with as much inner peace and heart-centered presence as possible. Consider spending some time in nature, listening to uplifting or inspiring music, or engaging in a spiritual practice such as meditation or yoga beforehand.

Completely surrender to the process and remember to remain focused on the breath, especially if any difficult emotions arise.

Allow yourself to experience and feel whatever arises, without judgment, shame, guilty or resistance. Difficult emotions are a beautiful part of the healing journey, if that’s what you need in this sacred moment.

Flow, trust, surrender and embrace the journey!

4. Follow Safety Protocols and Correct Dosing

We recommend starting with no more than 1.5 grams of mushrooms, especially if you’re fairly new and inexperienced with psychedelics and/or will be embarking on this journey alone.

Whatever you’ll be experiencing is always perfect. Even if the effects feel light, the mushrooms are always working on subtle levels.

If this would make you more comfortable, consider inviting a ‘sitter’ who can support and comfort you if necessary. Make sure this is someone you dearly love and trust.

It’s recommended for the sitter not to interrupt your internal process by starting a random conversation, for example. Ideally, he or she should only engage with you if you consciously approach him or her.

If you’re taking any anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication, please don’t take magic mushrooms for safety reasons. Especially with anti-depressant medications, please don’t take magic mushrooms within 28 days of taking your medication.

If you’re having any doubts about possible contraindications with a particular health issue or medication, always consult a licensed medical professional first.

5. Invoking Divine Protection

When you officially start your ceremony before consuming the medicines, consider invoking the love, guidance, wisdom and support from higher Divine forces which resonate with your religious or spiritual beliefs.

Here’s the example we’ve written another time, which you could adjust as you wish:

“To the Divine Source of all Creation,

to the Divine Mother and Divine Father,

to the Angels and higher-dimensional Divine Forces
that serve the Divine Will and Divine Truth.

To my Spirit Guides, my Guardians, my Protectors,

to my Soul and Higher Self,

to the eternally wise and loving spirits of the Mushrooms.

I am opening a sacred, ceremonial space for healing and transformation.

I pray for your Divine protection, your love, wisdom and guidance.

I pray for you to support me for the smoothest,
most beautiful and most transformative inner journey.

May you guide me, protect me and strengthen me.

For the healing and awakening of all sentient beings.

In the name of the Divine Light, Divine Truth and Divine Will.


With all that being said and written, with the highest intentions for your deepest transformation –

We’d like to wish you an immensely beautiful and transformative experience with these incredible plant medicine teachers! May you learn, receive, experience, transform and heal and all that is meant to be for your unique gifts, talents and highest potential to flourish in the most beautiful ways.

With Love,

The SoulCybin Team

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